Register For Services & Vaccination Requirements

We require that all dogs and cats are up to date on their vaccines prior to coming in for their spa day. Our pets are like babies and it is very important that we do our part to protect them. Part of them being safe while in our care includes an environment that is clean and disease free.

Below is the list of vaccines required for dogs:
  • Rabies
  • DHLP
  • Bordetella (every 6 months)
Below is the list of vaccines required for cats:
  • Rabies
  • Leukemia

Register For The Pink Paws Pet Spa Services:

Your Information
Your Full Name(s) *
Address *
City *
State *
Zip Code
Mobile Phone
Work Phone
Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Phone *
About Your Pet
Pet"s Name *
Breed *
Date of Birth / Age
Gender *
Spayed/Neutered? *
Interaction Details -
How does your pet get along with other pets? People? Under what conditions does your pet growl, bark, snarl, hiss or cry? For dog owners, has your dog ever bitten or been bitten? (If so, please explain) Is this your pet’s first experience in a daycare/boarding facility? If dog, is he/ she crates trained? Any sensitive spots?

Pet Health
Veterinarian Name *
Veterinarian Phone *
Physical limitations (sore back, hip, dysplasia, etc.)
Has your pet ever been diagnosed with heartworms? (If so When)
Has your pet ever had fleas or ticks?
Has your pet ever been diagnosed with “kennel cough”?
Current Medications
Seizures? If so, when and how often?
Pet Behavior
Please describe your pet’s personality:
(Please check below for any behavior that suits him/her)

Biting, hissing or growling at people
Jumping on People
Chewing or digging
Chasing small animals
Escaping out an open door
Excessive pulling on leash
Separation anxiety
History of destructive chewing
Climb fences
Protective over food and/or toys
Problems with boarding or doggie day care in past
Constant barker or whiner
Likes to be around other dogs
Pet Feeding Time (HH MM AM/PM)

Pet Feeding Schedule

If your pet is on a special diet, we recommend that you bring your own food. If you choose not to bring your own food, we will not be responsible for problems caused by suddenly changing your pet’s diet. A morning and evening feeding are included in the boarding price. Any additional meals/special diets upon request. (Please provide an exact time)

Morning Feeding Time:
Afternoon Feeding Time:
Evening Feeding Time:
Extra Feeding Times:
Amount of Food?
Brand & Type of Food
Are treats okay to give your pet?
Medications or Vitamins inside food?
Additional Comments

Mandatory Checkout Bath

A mandatory bath prior to checkout for pets that stay for 5-days of boarding or more. Please understand the mandatory bath is for your pet’s protection, as well as ours. The bathing and drying process includes a detailed inspection to ensure that your dog is leaving our facility in the same if not better condition than when he/she checked in.
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